July 6, 2016

My Favorite Seasonal Children's Books!

Good Morning!!  This week's blog post is all about Seasonal Stories!  Thanks again to Minute Mommy for the super fun blog hop!! 

  As a Kindergarten teacher, I love creating seasonal units while incorporating books, of course!  During the past two years at my current school as a Kindergarten teacher, I have held an after-school club called Little Readers.  During the hours of this club we would focus on a seasonal book, complete a comprehension skill and a fun craft, so I spent a lot of time focusing on seasonal stories!  It was tricky to pick just five books, but here are a few of my absolute favorites!

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon:  Stellaluna is an excellent book to read during anytime in the fall that definitely tugs at my heart strings!  I personally choose to read it in October near Halloween because the main character is a bat.  This book is amazing because it also correlates the theme of kindness and accepting everyone despite their appearance and abilities!  Students absolutely love this story!
Click the link: Stellaluna Extension Activities to find the resources in my store!

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey:  Here is a story that aligns to the rhyme of "The Night Before Christmas," so my students love that they can make that text-to-text connection!  The story is honestly so comical!  Characters in the story go on a field trip to a turkey farm, and find themselves dealing with a big problem.  Their solution to the problem is what really makes the students laugh! I definitely recommend celebrating Thanksgiving with this great book!
 Check out my best selling product: extension activities for the story!   The product includes graphic organizers and a fun Problem and Solution craft

"Go to Sleep, Groundhog!" by Judy Cox:  "Go to Sleep, Groundhog" is the perfect book to read around Groundhog's Day.  It consistently reinforces the job of the Groundhog as reviewing the months of the year.   The primary students laugh as the Groundhog wakes up at the wrong time during the year!

I celebrate Groundhog's Day in my classroom by comparing "Wake Up, Groundhog!" and "Go to Sleep, Groundhog!" Check out more of the extension activities by clicking here.

 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler:  I love 100th Day Worries!  This book is perfect to read on the days upcoming the 100th day of School.  Kiddos feel empathy for the main character Jessica as they read the story.  The story is also fantastic for reinforcing counting to 100s by 5s, 10s and 1s!
Have fun practicing sequencing the story with your students by clicking here.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Colandro:  All of the "There Was an Old Lady" books are so exciting to read for the primary grades.  This story is my favorite St. Patrick's Day book!  Students love to read along and finish the sentences of the story as they have mastered the patterns of the book!
 Sequencing the story is fun on sentence strips! Students absolutely love decorating the pieces of the story.  Find the sequencing clip art here: "There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Clover" Extension Activities.

Hop on over to Ashley's Brainy Centers to read more!!  Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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