February 26, 2016

March into Learning!

How much have you loved the weather those past few days?  It has been an amazing sneak peak into Springtime.  Although it's now snowing today (ugh), I have faith that it will be here soon!  As we leap our way through the rest of February, why not prepare yourself for part of March with some new  resources?

First, in my store there is March Morning Work.  This morning work focuses around Literacy and Math skills used for Kindergarten.  All of the pages consecutively go through the holidays/seasons: Read Across America, St. Patrick's Day, Springtime and Easter.  There are also worksheets throughout that work with skills not correlating with a holiday.  Below are a preview of a few of my favorite morning work pages.


March is also known for St. Patrick's Day, of course!  I have a St. Patrick's Day pack that has activities that can last throughout the whole day.   Find the pack here:

The first part of the St. Patrick's Day pack are two different centers: one literacy focused center and one math focused center.  You can buy centers independently.  If you choose to do so, the links are below.   

In the "Count the Gold" addition center, students will count the gold, and sort them between the rainbow pots of gold.  The addition problems all add up to numbers between 1-5.  There are examples of addition cards and rainbow cards below.  The product also includes a follow up paper that aligns with the center for early finishers.


 The St. Patrick's Day syllables sort center has words that celebrate the holiday of St. Patrick's Day.  Students will clap out the syllables of the words on 16 cards and sort them on the syllables game board. The center also includes a follow up paper that aligns with the center for early finishers.

The product includes an emergent reader entitled "I am Lucky."  The story includes reasons that children would feel lucky.  Students can "butter" their popcorn words (highlight or color with a yellow crayon) and color the pictures of the book.  On the last page, they can draw themselves on St. Patrick's Day!

Next  up is extension activities for the story "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover."  The extension activity pack can also be sold separately through the link below.  This extension activity resource includes different graphic organizers for the student to practice reading strategies with the story.  It also has a fun craftivity the students can recreate of the old lady dancing with the leprechaun at the end of the story!

There are other fun things included in the pack too.  Here is a fun time filler game for the day of the holiday!

Finally, the St. Patrick's Day Math and Literacy Pack includes a bulletin board craft.  You will need to take a picture of your students jumping in the air to make it seem like they are catching a rainbow.  They will then write about it after tracing the sentence starter: "If I could catch a rainbow..."  There is a bulletin board header included in the pack! :)
Things that are not posted but still included in the pack are writing prompts, handwriting practice, and a class-wide tally sheet to see how many students believe a leprechaun is real and how many do not. 

I also have posted a Spring Math and Literacy pack full of Math and Literacy activities while even incorporating work with The Five Senses!

The pack begins with a math center that is also available to be sold separately. Students will measure the eight different flowers using Unifex cubes.  There is a place that shows where the student should start measuring to ensure they measure from top to bottom.  There is a worksheet included so the students can record their results (black and white version also included.)

The literacy center for the Spring Pack is "Springtime Rhyme Time!"  In this center students will put together puzzle pieces to find words that rhyme with spring themed words.  There are 12 different Spring words and 12 words that rhyme with the Spring themed word.  This product also contains a cut and glue worksheet for early finishers.

Finally, which hopefully we all feel soon, is "I Can Sense that Spring is Here!"  This is included in the Math and Literacy pack, but is also available as it's own product.  It is a fun and engaging morning or afternoon of activities that will get your students excited about Spring!  In the activity you will discuss how every sense you have makes you notice that Spring is here (even taste if you want to provide freeze pops!) after you take your class on a "Spring Walk"

When you return from your walk, you can use the following pieces as the headers on an anchor chart/white board activity.  Brainstorm with your kids how everyone recognized each sense outside on your walk. You can record them for students to see. 

Students can record the ideas on their papers also.  These "I Can Sense Spring" are differentiated to each student in your classroom.  One has three lines (pictured below), another has three sets of lined "road" for the primary grades, and the last one has a plain circle for those who just need to draw their ideas!

After taking the Spring walk and recording the student's results, the class can read the emergent reader "I Can Sense That Spring is Here!"  The book is all about children who use their senses to see that Spring is here.

After reading the story students can complete a text-to-self connection page between themselves and the characters in the book.

An adorable book that aligns with Spring is the story "Wake Up, It's Spring!" There are extension activites for the story that also align with facts about Spring!   This extension activities pack can be sold separately below.  The craftivity for the Extension Activity is not pictured, however, it is the students recreating the last page of the book as the family is so excited outside because of the weather!

Finally, it includes a flower pot bulletin board craft.  Each student will get a pot and as many flowers as you choose to give them.  The pot says "I have already grown so much this year because I  have learned so many new things."  The children will write things they have learned throughout the year on the stems of the flowers.  They can either draw a picture of themselves or you can glue a picture of them on!  There is also a bulletin board heading provided: Spring has Sprung.

Last, but not least, I have a story extension activity for "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog."  It is a very similar set up to the other extension activity pack I have for the Old Lady story, however this one is geared all towards Spring.  The extension activity also includes all clip art needed to to create the frog in the garden for an ending craftivity!

Thank you for taking the time to read and remember to THINK SPRING!