January 31, 2016

All About Digraphs!

Hello everyone!  For those of you who don't know, I'm a Kindergarten teacher in Pittsburgh, PA.  Throughout the course of Kindergarten, we focus on a "spotlight" letter of the week.  We work through a routine each week to master the letters and correlating sounds.  Find my alphabet routine here: Alphabet Knowledge Bundle.  However, once I finish the alphabet with my students, I like to dive even deeper into learning digraphs.  It really pushes them farther and prepares them more for first grade.  Here is what I do for teaching digraphs!

I have a bundled version and individual packs for each digraph, worksheets and centers cards!! The digraph bundle pack includes all five digraphs and the materials needed to teach each one. 

Find all the information for just the CH digraph here: The CH Digraph 

Whenever I have a letter of the week or a digraph of the week, I hang a Ticket Out The Door Strategy on the outside of my classroom door.  Every time the students leave the room, they would say "C-H says CH like Cheese!"  It constantly reinforces the sound to letter correlation!

The packs also include items to use for anchor charts.  I love teaching with anchor charts and it is amazing to see how much students refer to them during the day and how much it helps them to be successful!  The anchor charts include things for sorting beginning and ending sounds of each digraph using both pictures and words!

There are also centers included in each pack.  They come with two sorting mats: "Starts with CH and Ends with CH."  Students can sort during a centers using the 23 beginning sound cards and 23 ending sounds cards.   The beautiful thing is, after teaching each digraph, you can then mix and match each center with other digraphs.  For example, after I have taught Ch and Sh, I may have them sort between Beginning sounds of both and then ending sounds of both!  The centers pack has possibilities for many centers in only one purchase!

Find only the centers mats and cards here:  Digraph Sorting Centers

Digraph identification worksheets:

Included are sorting worksheets for each digraph.  They can sort beginning and ending sound pictures independently for each digraph.  Also included is sorting across digraphs!  Find only the digraph worksheets here: Digraph Sorting Worksheets

Last, but not least, assessments for each digraph to check your student's knowledge!

Find all the information for only the SH digraph here: The SH Digraph


Find all information for only the TH digraph here: The TH Digraph


Find all information for only the PH digraph here: The PH Digraph

The PH Digraph and the WH Digraph are a bit shorter because there are not many words, if any, that end with the PH digraph and WH Digraph.  

The anchor chart pieces only have pictures that include the PH Sound

 The center mat only includes pictures and words that include the PH sound.  I use the PH cards to sort then with other digraphs!

 PH Digraph worksheets:  The PH sort is pictures that include the PH sound and others that do not.

Find all information for only the WH digraph here: The WH Digraph



Finally, here are some examples of sorting between digraphs worksheets (there are even more included in the real packaging!).  Again, if you want only the digraph worksheets, find them here!

 Thank you so much for taking the time to read All About Digraphs!! I am sure your students will love everything that comes within the packs!! Happy Teaching :)