November 17, 2015

Weekly Alphabet Routine

I am so excited to have uploaded my weekly alphabet routine to Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have seriously been working on this for two weeks, whenever I have a free moment.  I'm fairly certain my boyfriend was ready to kick me for constantly being on my computer haha! But the good news is that it's done, uploaded and ready and I LOVE it!  My alphabet routine is sold as individual products and a sale bundle pack (an entire week focused on your letter of the week).  
Here is the bundled version.  It includes everything that the individual products provide at a sale price.  That is 8 pages of resources for every letter of the alphabet!

I've used the letter P to show what you will have for every letter with the Alphabet Knowledge Bundle Pack.   I've also included links to those individual products if you choose to have only one part that instead.

Ticket Out The Door
The Ticket Out the Door strategy is hung right outside my door.  I change it once a week to correlate with the letter of the week.  The kids whisper the letter and the sound every time we leave the room as a class.  It is a great reinforcing technique for the students!
Find the individual product for The Ticket Out the Door Strategy here:

Beginning Sounds
The bundle also comes with two beginning sounds papers for every letter.  First, there is one that is identifying pictures that begin with the letter sound and then tracing the letter.  The second is a bit more challenging because the students need to color only the pictures that begin with that letter.  Every page has six pictures that begin with the letter and three that do not.
Find the individual product for the Beginning Sounds Worksheets here:

Beginning Sounds Cards
Here is my favorite part of the alphabet bundle!  I use it every week in my classroom and the kids absolutely love it!!  This product includes 24 beginning sound cards for every letter.  I introduce them to the class whole group and the students figure out the words themselves.  My class sits on the rug and I call the students up one-by-one.  I show the student a card and he/she needs to use the beginning sound and the picture to figure out what the word is.  Luckily this offers differentiation because I choose which card the student figures out by their level (higher leveled students get the more challenging cards).  Once the student figures out what the word is, the whole class claps out the syllables for that word and we stick it in the pocket chart (small sized pocket chart fits these cards perfectly).
I also double these cards as a center for Guided Reading.  I have two small pocket charts near my seat at the carpet that hold the current weeks beginning sound cards and the letter of the week's cards from the week prior.  Students then sort between all of the cards at the pocket chart center.  They love this center because they "play teacher" and complete the same routine we do as a class.  They figure out the words, clap out the syllables and sort them!
 Find the individual product for the Beginning Sounds Cards here:

Handwriting Practice
In the bundle there is handwriting practice for every letter.  Students will trace the capital and lower case letters, write some independently and trace words that begin with that letter.
 Find the individual product for Handwriting Practice here:

Student Assessment Page
This can be used as an assessment or as a whole group reinforcement worksheet.  Students trace the letters, write their own, differentiate between upper and lower case letters, color words that begin with the letter and rainbow write!
Find the individual product for Student Alphabet Assessment Here:

Decorate the letter!
Here is a fun page for the end of your week.  Students can decorate the letter in any way that they choose (with your approval of course).  Some ideas are rainbow writing, patterns (similar to a candy cane), cutting up pieces of construction paper and gluing them on, paining, etc.
Find the individual product for Letter Decorating here:

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope the weekly alphabet routine works as well for you as it does for me!!

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