February 7, 2016

I love celebrating Valentine's Day!

Time is Flying!!! Valentine's Day celebrations will happen this week, and I know all sorts of fun things I plan on doing to celebrate with my Kinders this Friday!

Here is a fun filled pack of Math and Literacy activities to do with your students the day of the Valentine's Day celebration!!!
Valentine's Day Math and Literacy Pack

The Ways to Show a Number center reiterates the skill of showing the numbers 1-10 in different ways: number, word, tally mark, domino, coins, ten frame, dice and picture!  You can find the Valentine's Day Ways to Show a Number Sorting Center sold separately here.  There are a few examples of the numbers 1-10 below.

There's also a fun "Please Mend My Broken Heart!" Beginning sounds center.  You can find the center separately here.

Included is also a fun board activity!! Here are two different signs to choose from depending on how you choose to do the activity:

Students will write about things they love in the heart and draw them in the balloons or they write about how they can spread love in the heart and draw things to match on the balloons!

On Valentine's Day, I plan on reading one of my favorite books for Valentine's Day: "Franklin's Valentines". I have included many extension activities for the story.  It's sold separately here.

In the Math and Literacy Pack there are also some time fillers: handwriting practice, coloring sheet and writing prompt!

Last but not least, a Valentine's Craft to send home to Mom/Dad or whoever the student's caregiver may be! Each heart has a different purpose: grade level and year, a short note from the student and a poem where the child's picture can be glued!
"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,
I don't think you know how much I love you.
You have given me every single thing that I need,
you really make me happy indeed.
So this Valentine's Day all I want to say,
is Thank You for all that you do every day!"

Another product on my store are my Punny Animal Themed Valentine's Day cards.  I am SOO excited to use these this year instead of buying standard ones from a store.  The BEST part is, that they can be used year after year! They can even be on standby for a student who forgets to bring their Valentine's from home!

Hope this helps when planning for your Valentine's Day celebrations this week!! Enjoy!!

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