June 23, 2015


Week two of the #TPTSellerChallenge: Dare to Dream.

I have always wanted to join TPT based on other people's success stories.  However, I was not confident enough to make the jump until this summer. There are many benefits and BIG dreams I have from becoming successful on Teachers Pay Teachers.

PAY OFF STUDENT LOANS!!  The amount of loans I have constantly saddens me.  Payments each month take a big amount of my paycheck.  It would extremely benefit how much I could save for my life and my future if I did not have these financial obligations.

LEARN AND COLLABORATE!!  I would love to be a part of the successful teachers on TPT one day to collaborate and learn from one another.  So many people on the website amaze me with their creativity and success.

BECOME COMFORTABLE!!  I can't envision myself stopping working, I get restless even over the summer months, but I would love to help my future family to be completely comfortable and limit the stresses I have for my future children.

GIVE MORE!!  I would love to give more gifts to the people I love with the extra money I would save.

TRAVEL!! One of my huge dreams is to see the entire world, and if I could pay off my loans and be financially stable, I would be able to make that dream come true!

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