June 15, 2015

#TPTSellerChallenge - Makeover Madness

Something that has inspired me to create a blog for my Lovin' Little Learners store on Teachers Pay Teachers was the #TPTSellerChallenge (I know, I should have had a blog already).  Although, I have only had my store open for about a month or two, I have already learned so much about creating products with an eye appealing and "TPT friendly" look.  For the challenge, I updated a strategy I use daily with my Kindergarten students: my "Letters, Sounds and Digraphs Ticket Out the Door" product.  Each week I hang whichever focus letter or digraph we are working on right on the outside of my door.  Every time we leave the room, every student whispers the letter and sound, or the letters that make up a digraph ("s h says sh!").  It is a great way to review and build repetition for these young learners!

I had recently updated each letter page with improved clip art and fonts, but today I updated the cover page!!

It went from this:

To the updated version of this!:

Take a look at the finished product here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letters-and-Digraphs-Ticket-out-the-Door-1883765

Thank you #TPTSellerChallenge for the motivation!!

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