March 11, 2016

Springing into Learning!

Hi all!! It seems as though Spring is here with the warmer weather and I am SO okay with that!! (Hopefully I'm not jinxing it).  Last year I remember wanting to cry because it was still snowing at the end of March!  To celebrate the beautiful Spring weather, I am participating into a "Springing into Learning" blog hop hosted by Elementary Antics!  Below are a few fun materials for you to use to celebrate Spring and incorporate it into your classroom!

First, I have a Springtime Math and Literacy Pack full of centers, activities and story extensions that you can use within your primary class to celebrate the season!  Some of the activities are also sold separately and are listed below, however if you purchase the bundle pack you will get more for your money!

First, I have created a Spring Measurement Center that is perfect for Kindergarten.   The center includes 8 flowers of different sizes.  Students will measure the flowers using Unifex (connecting) cubes and record it on the given sheet.  The recording sheet comes with a color or a black and white option.  

The Math and Literacy Pack also includes a rhyming center!  There are 12 spring-themed words and 12 words that rhyme with them!  The spring words are bold and colored green.  If a student finishes the center early, they can complete the cut and glue rhyming worksheet that aligns with the center.
Following the centers is a SUPER FUN cross curricular Science and Literacy activity for students to "sense Spring."  Teachers will take students on a Spring Walk and together the class will discuss how each of their five senses recognize that Spring is here!  After the walk, the class will come back inside to discuss and share the things that recognized outside.  Together the teacher and students will record their answers.  The pack offers materials for teachers to use on a white board or anchor chart and there differentiated versions for the students to complete (only one is pictured below).  Finally, students can read the emergent reader "I Can Sense that Spring is Here" and complete the text-to-self connection page and writing prompt!
This is also sold separately here:  Spring with The Five Senses

The pack includes extension activities for a Spring book: "Wake up, It's Spring!"

Finally, a Spring craft is offered within the Springtime Math and Literacy Pack!  It includes the pot where a student will glue his/her picture and the flowers where students will write all the things that have learned so far throughout the year.  The pack also provides a bulletin board heading: "Spring has Sprung" if you are interested in hanging them up in the hallway!

Included in this activity are various comprehension strategy graphic organizers and a craftivity (not pictured).  The craftivity has all the clip art necessary for students to recreate the old lady in the garden at the end of the story!

March makes many people think of the Easter Bunny! I have two different Easter activities:

The Night Before Easter Extension Activities includes comprehension graphic organizers for the story and a fun 3D Easter basket craftivity!

Finally, a REALLY FUN Easter Center for students.  Easter Egg Hunt: Hunt, Tally, Graph!
Students will use magnifying glasses to search for the eggs in the picture.  As they find the eggs they will circle and tally on the chart.  Finally, they can create the Easter Egg Hunt graph!

Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a beautiful Spring with your students!

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