March 14, 2016

3D Shapes are Fat not Flat!

We are starting to introduce 3D shapes in our class.  It's so funny to see how much Kindergarten kiddos love to learned about 3D shapes and when they realize they live in a 3D world!  We use many different resources to learn about 3D Shapes.  Here are a few below!

Find my 3D Shapes pack at the link below:

We begin by introducing one 3D shape a week.  I have actual 3D shape blocks, but I also hang up these posters on the wall below our 2D shapes just for reference and comparison.  The speech bubbles are a part of a poem we say every day to remember the 3D shapes.  The poem is on an anchor chart for FREE at the bottom of the post. :)

Each week as we learn a 3D shape, we also do a worksheet that focuses on each shape individually to practice and reiterate what each 3D shape looks like in our lives.

After we complete all five 3D shapes for Kindergarten, we sort the 3D shapes and "acknowledge the attributes" to really recognize the differences between all five.

We also complete a 3D shapes emergent reader that has students stretch out unknown words and also apply their knowledge of 3D shapes in the real world! 

Then, things get really fun! We play 3D shapes Pictionary with friends and make 3D shape necklaces. 
 For Pictionary, students play the game in pairs and one at a time spin the paperclip on the game board.  They then  need to draw a 3D shape that looks like one of the five given shapes.  The partner tries to guess what they are drawing.  
When you make 3D shape necklaces, all of the 3D shape templates for the necklaces are included. Students can make whichever 3D shape they want to attach to yarn for a necklace.  For example: with the cone template they can make an ice cream cone, a party hat, etc.


Finally, here is a FREE 3D Shapes poem anchor chart!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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