April 3, 2016

Feel Prepared for Earth Day!!

Woohoo!! April is here!! I am so happy to say it is Springtime, although I am bitter it snowed last night. Thankfully the sun melted it already.  One of the best days in April is Earth Day!  Feel prepared for Earth Day activities with my Earth Day Math and Literacy Pack (link below).  Included in the pack is Math and Literacy activities, games, centers, book extension activities, an emergent reader etc!

The Literacy Center for the Pack is Real and Nonsense Word Sort for Earth Day.  There are 30 real and 30 nonsense words for the students to sort between the recycling bins.  There is also a follow up worksheet for students to record results.  It can be sold separately from The Earth Day Pack through the link below.

The Math center for the Earth Day Pack is a differentiated Recycling Subtraction center.  There are two choices for the center depending on how much knowledge your students have about recycling.  The first option is for students to cross out the objects that can be put in the bin and then complete the subtraction problem.  The second option is for the objects to already be crossed out that go in the recycling bin and the students just need to complete the subtraction problem.  A follow up worksheet is included that can be used for either option that you choose.  The Recycling Subtraction center is also sold separately through the link below.

The extension activities included in the Earth Day pack is for the book "The Earth Book." This is such a visually appealing and age appropriate book for young students. The product includes many different graphic organizers to dissect the story with your students.  The graphic organizers are pictured below,  but there is also a craftivity and writing prompt focus on the fun illustrations in the story!  "The Earth Book" extension activities are also sold separately through the link below.

Following these is a super fun activity to use with your young students.  There is a fun and informative Emergent Reader about Recycling with a follow up "Roll and Recycle" independent game for them to play!  In the emergent reader they will learn all about the things that can be recycled.  I like to read it whole group and to have the students "butter" the popcorn words as we read the book. The final page is for them to draw themselves recycling!  After the book, they can play the independent "Roll and Recycle" game!  This is sold separately through the link below.

The final parts of the pack are Earth Day Handwriting pages, Earth Day prompts and FREE Earth Day certificates for your students!!

Thank you!!! Happy Earth Day!!!

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