June 21, 2016

Are you Ready to ROCK?

Today is June 21, 2016 and about a week ago I finished my fourth year of teaching!  For the past three years in a Kindergarten position, I have always had my room decorated in a circus theme because of my love for elephants.  For this upcoming school year I decided to change it to a ROCK STAR theme. I actually noticed that I use the phrase "you're a rock star!" often so it fits!  I'm excited to buy inflatable instruments and hang them around the room to really amplify (no pun intended) the decorations.  It took me a week, but I finally finished my classroom decor pack!  I'll give you a sneak peak, since I am so excited to use it when we get back to school!

Included in the pack are two different bunting signs.  There is a welcome sign as well as a smaller sized Word Wall bunting sign. I just love the combo of black, white and gold! Check the welcome sign out! :)

Included in the Rock Star Classroom Decor product are many things to use for daily calendar/morning meeting.  There are Yesterday was, Today is, and Tomorrow will be signs along with the days of the week and months of the year.  There are also the numbers 1-31 in black, white and gold glitter as well! Practice weather with your students daily with "The weather today is..." and the provided options.

 Today's Playlist includes 30 different schedule cards that can be used each day.  Below is a sneak preview of two of the pages :)

There are very glittery classroom rules signs!  I love all of the glitter frames thanks to Glitter Meets Glue Designs!


One of my favorite parts of the rock and roll pack is the classroom jobs.  I coordinated them to match professions within the Rock and Roll industry.  I thought it really tied the whole theme together and the kids would love it!  The regular option is also available for titles such as "line leader" and "caboose."

There is a rock and roll behavior clip chart with editable behavior calendars to promote parent-teacher daily communication.  Students will come in on "Ready to Rock" and move up for good choices and down for poor choices.  The behavior calendar comes in all 12 months that can be edited year after year because you get to put in the days of each month.  There is also a space for a teacher personal note!  The rock star behavior chart and editable calendar can be sold separately here.

There are also editable name tags and two variations of tags that can be used at cubbies, supply bins, name tags for trips, etc.  They are shown below!
**Glitter alphabet charts and number posters 1-10 are included as well.  The alphabet chart has two pictures for the vowels and the number posters are special because they include numbers, number words, pictures to demonstrate numbers, tally marks, ten frames and dominoes!

Finally, there are other odds and ends like shape posters, punch cards to promote positive behavior, bulletin board signs, cards for table names and certificates that can be used year round!
  Find all of these and more at my TpT store Lovin' Little Learners!

  Enjoy!! I hope every one is having a ROCKIN' summer!!!


  1. Sara,
    This looks amazing! I love the graphics and the glitter. Glitter makes everything better. : ) This set will be gorgeous in classrooms! Love it!!


  2. I love your new theme! Sometimes it feels good to change things up, doesn't it?

    Primary On The Prowl

  3. Love the Rock Star Theme.....Keep on Rockin'

  4. Love the rock star decor!!! Looks great!