May 11, 2016

Father's Day Fun!

Mother's Day has come and gone!  As the end of the school year approaches, many of us will be enjoying our Summers as Father's Day passes.  So lets plan to show our student's Dads as much love before our kiddos are sent home for summer?!  I have a Father's Day Math and Literacy Pack that will have you covered for the holiday!  Enjoy!

This Math and Literacy Father's Day Pack includes many different things such centers, Father's Day cards, story extension activities, interviews between the teacher and student, coloring pages, writing prompts etc!  All of the products that have students make projects for their Fathers, an adaptation for Uncles and Grandfathers are included.  

The first center included is a Math center where students are instructed to graph their Daddy's favorite ties.  The center comes with four variations (only two are pictured below), so groups can work on an individual basis, then compare and switch! The two mats that are not pictured are different fathers and different colors!  The mat and tie cards that are a pair match based on corresponding colors so it is easier to store and keep year after year. There is also a follow up worksheet that all students can use to practice graphing Father's Day ties. The worksheet is different than any of the individual center mats so it can be used for all four versions!This math center is sold separately from the Math and Literacy bundle through the link below.

The second second included in the Father's Day pack "My Dad Loves Sports and Vowel Sorts!"  In this center, students will look at the CVC word picture cards, segment the sounds and sort it between the five vowels on different sports balls! There are up to 66 CVC vowel cards that can be used! Included is also a follow up worksheet where students can draw CVC words in each vowel's boxes. 

The next product within the Father's Day Math and Literacy Pack is the extension activities for the story "Just Me and My Dad."  The graphic organizers focus on the skills text connections, problem and solution and cause and effect.  There is also a craftivity where students will draw a picture of themselves and their father fishing with the phrase "Of all the fish in the sea, you're the perfect Daddy for me!"  There are fish and fishing rods given with the craftivity to add more dimension to their pictures!  Options for Uncle and Grandpa are also included!   These can be sold separately through the link below.

The Father's Day card included is a Superhero theme.  I did a similar card with my students last year and everyone loved it!  This year I used the wonderful clip art from Educlips! On the front of the card,  you will need to take a photo of your students acting like a Superhero flying through a city. Provided in this pack for the Superhero scene is the buildings, clouds, sun, trees, cars and the Superhero mask (Super Dad, Super Uncle and Super Grandpa). However, the cape and the blue backdrop are not provided. The backdrop I used was a large sheet of bulletin board paper that was in the supply closet of my school and the cape that I used was a big piece of black fabric that I tied around them!  On the inside they can draw a picture of them with their Father/Uncle/Grandfather and write them a note. There are options for students to write their own message to their loved once or to trace a given note for lower level students.  The Superhero Father's Day card is sold separately through the link below.

 Other activities included are handwriting pages, interviews, coloring pages and writing prompts.  All things include options for Dad, Uncle and Grandpa.  Enjoy and have a very Happy Father's Day!!!

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