January 12, 2016

Hip! Hip! Hooray! It is the 100th Day!

Do your students love the 100th Day as much as my students?   I like to veer off of the  normal curriculum for the day and truly celebrate everything they have learned in a really fun way!  Here are some of the activities I use from my 100th Activity Day Pack.  Find the link below.

Everyday we count how many days we have been in school using a Place Value chart.  When we change to the amount of days in school we say "83 days of school means 83 days smarter! Kiss your brain!"  The students love to wear crowns that say "100 days Smarter" on them!  Allow the students to decorate the crowns, cut them out, and then you can staple them to a sentence strip.

We also count to 100 every day during calendar to ensure that the students know how to by the end of the year. On the 100th day, I like to have students act things out and exercise to make it more fun.  For example as we count from 1-10 we will stretch, as we count from 10-20 we will reach, as we count from 20-30 we will do knee raises, etc.  Find some examples of ideas below!

Next, have a fun bulletin board idea that I love because it also aligns with Valentine's Day!  You can put this up at the 100th day and leave it up until after the Valentine's Day holiday!!!  Here we will make 100th fish in the fish tank.  I put my example below, however, students have smaller fingers than I do, so they fill out the page better than me!  I pick 10 colors for the students to use.  They will make 10 fish of every color to reinforce counting by 10s to 100.  I have them use their thumb (or a smaller finger if you choose to do so) as the body of the fish and the sides of their pinky finger to make the fin.  I hang them up outside of my classroom with the phrase "Of all the fish in the sea, I love to have you in class with me!"  The students LOVE the painting and have so much fun!

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They can use this 100s chart to reinforce counting by 1s to 100 and coloring in any type of pattern you choose to have them do!

Many people love to have 100 day snacks to practice counting by 10s!  Here is a board full of ten frames to use while sorting your snacks!

I've also included a 100th Day of School File folder game.  Students will sort the "sweets" by if they include 100 sweets or if they do not.  As you can see below the sweets are grouped by 5s or 10s (as noted in the bottom corner).  The students can count by 5s or 10s to see if it has 100 or not.  Following the activity, I included counting by 5s and 10s paper so teacher can assess their knowledege.
Find ONLY the 100th Day File Folder Game here.

100th Day Handwriting practice can be used as morning work or a time filler!

Here is my "100 Days of Cool" student book.  Students can search for sight words/popcorn words.  I have my students "butter" the popcorn words by coloring all the words they know yellow.  They can then color the pictures, put the book together and draw themselves on the last page!

 One of my favorite books to read on the 100th day is "100th Day Worries" by Margery Cuyler.  The students think this book is so silly.  Here are some extension activities to use in the book including main character descriptions, text-to-self connections, problem and solution graphic organizer and sequencing of the story graphic organizer.
Find only the 100th Day Worries extension activities here.

Next, if you choose to create a journal for students with various writing prompts about the 100th day, here is one you can use!  There are some prompts already included and a blank one where you can have students write about whatever they want (that relates to 100 of course).

Finally, last but not least, 100th Day Certificates for kids to take home!  100 days of school means 100 days Smarter!  Kiss your Brain!

Enjoy!!! Happy 100th Day of School!!!

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