January 3, 2016

January Themed Story Extension Activities

Hello All! It is about that time to head Back to School tomorrow! I am not sure why, but I am really struggling with the fact that Winter Break is over this year!! If you are feeling the same way as me, here are some Story Extension activities to get you through some of January.

Penguin Pete Extension Activities are perfect for the month of January to contribute to the infamous primary grade level units for Penguins!

 Begin by reviewing the Character of Penguin Pete and how he changes throughout the story.
 Tie in some Science facts by completing a "Penguins: Can-Have-Are" activity

Every kid goes through thoughts in life when they wish they were older.  Use this to your advantage of reviewing the reading strategy: Making Connections!
Practice the skill of Main Idea and Details by cutting on gluing only the details that happened in the story!
Finally finish with a Penguin Setting craftivity: provided are icicles, igloos and various penguins. Students can use these to build Penguins in the Arctic!

MLK Day "We March" Extension Activities are a wonderful story to use while celebrating MLK Day!
 Describe the inspiring families throughout the book and their dedication to equality.
  Make connections: MLK's Dream for equality and the students dream for the world.
Recall the details in the story that the families did to unite themselves as a whole!
 Equality Crafitvity: Make the Earth with different shades of skin toned hands around the perimeter.  Also, attach a writing prompt below!

Describe the Cold Lady in the story.
 Review Fiction and Nonfiction.
While you read the story to your students, pause before reaching the ending to allow students to make predictions.  This will be fun if they are aware of other stories in the "There Was an Old Lady" series to predict what will happen.
 Sequencing "There Was a Cold Lady who Swallowed Some Snow!"
Finally, have some fun with the students building their own snowmen!

Hope this makes January stories fun for you and your students!  Happy New Year!

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