October 11, 2015

A Classroom Book a Week... October Style!

This year I have tried something new with my Kindergarten class that my students and I absolutely love!  During one writing block each week, we complete a classroom book (yes, a classroom book a week!!).  It may seem excessive, but you'd be surprised how much the students find it fun, while still working on becoming great writers!  As soon as I'm finished conferencing with each student, I quickly put it together and we read it right away.  They clap through every single page as they compliment their friends on how well they did!  Here's a peak at October's themed books.

Each book has a writing page with a sentence starter that correlates with the book's theme.  You can find October's themed books here.  My store has books for every month and a full year bundled pack at a discounted price!  The writing pages become more challenging as the year progresses and I will expect my students to write more each time.

Parent-teacher conferences are tomorrow at my school and I am so excited to put these books out for parents to read!  I plan on putting them in the hallway for parents to look at while they are waiting outside the classroom.  Hope you enjoy!!!

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