October 9, 2015

Revamped Blog!

My blog is finally b-e-a-utiful thanks to Blogs Fit For a Queen!! (find them here.)  It was affordable and quick for the amount of blogs they work on at once!  I find it amazing that people know how to design these blogs, because when I tried to teach myself through tutorials and YouTube the past few months it was an epic fail.  HUGE Thank you to those girls!

I wanted to start my blog by sharing something that I created this summer and is now newly implemented in my classroom and the kids LOVE it!  My Superhero Writing Kit motivates students about the different parts of writing for young writers.  Each component has it's own superhero.  Students can earn the Superhero's super power they prove to the teacher they can use it in writing independently. (What kid doesn't want to earn a super power?!)

Queen Capitol

Susie Spacing 

Punctuation Pete

Sight Word Vision Girl

Super Stretch Man

Vibrant Voice Vince

Each kid has a Superhero writing hat.  Here is my class below on the day Superhero Writing was introduced.  They absolutely love their hats, and we wear them every time we write (after discussing rules of the hats of course).

Within the Superhero Writing Kit there are many other things included!
  • An individualized Superhero Card for students to recognize which Superhero they still need to earn.  This also includes examples of how each one would be used correctly.
  • A progress monitoring sheet for teachers to track if they use each skill within their writing.
  • A brainstorming "What Do I Write About?" sheet
  • Journal cover and journal pages.

It's amazing to see how many kiddos are already so much more intrigued about writing, even spacing, than the last two years I taught Kindergarten.  I hope that by the end of the year, each Superhero writing hat looks like the one below!! Every Writing Superhero MASTERED!  Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!!!

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